"The Ghetto"

Walking through a city of crime is like walking through a city submerged in BLOOD!


I was given an Article in class which talked about older people living longer and doing things young people do. i wanted to take that concept and add some humor to it.... think about it your Grandma Hopscotching?... yeah sure!!


Portrait of HOVA "Big Brother"


portrait of KAYNE WEST


The bond between Music and Art is so close that i wanted to show the relationship hands have with the instruments they play. People say that this painting is a modern day " The Oldest Guitarist" by Pablo Picasso.


'Andre 3000' one of my favorite paintings yet. the background is a plaid and is all hand painted, every single line. This is a conceptual portrait project given to us by my professor SCOTT BAKAL. i decided to do Andre3000 because he is a character in him self. every single article of clothing he wears has his personality written all over it. this is why i chose to do plaid pee-coat with stripe dress pants and a purple poke-a-dot bow tie.
-Acrylics on wooden board-


-a high or inordinate opinion of one's own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority, whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in bearing, conduct, etc.
in this painting i try to show what a person with pride looks like. To me a person with pride feels good in there own skin and could walk down any street. Even if you get retarded looks or get laughed at. You know who you are and you are a bigger and better person then those people who hate.

Michelle L. Colon

A portrait of a friend. I tried to capture her likeness and the "NATURAL" beauty that she possesses. I depicted her as Mother nature a women with strength, brains, beauty and full of life.

Bob Marley & Mos Def

"Don't worry about a thing every little thing is going to be alright" lyrics from one of Marley's songs and "In she came with the same type game. giving out fake number and name." both paintings are in 'oils on a masonite board'. In this project i needed to represent two artists that have the same message but from two completely different ERAs. i decided to chose Bob Marley and Mos Def, they are two of my favorite artist i consider both of them Great lyricist. i decided to connect the stage in which both are performing and the words to flow from left to right. this was meant to be a two page spread this is why i decided to go for this execution .