The "GRUNGY" Punk Rocker

When you walk down a New York city street you see a hand full of different faces. my favorite type of individual is the "Punk Rocker." they walk through the streets glaring back beams of light that reflects from all the piercings they have. as you can see in the background there is a New York City garbage can. "Garbage can-Grungy" get it!! yehh!

The "HARDCORE" Biker

this is one painting from a series of paintings that i have been trying to build. i started these paintings this summer while vacationing in North Carolina in my parents house. the theme of this series is a play on words, taking a type of person and finding an object that describes them or their personality in a humorous fashion. for example this painting shows this Hardcore Biker staring at us, serious face, hands clutched together and behind him the bike he rides. a pink banana seat bicycle standing in front of his apartment building just chilling...